Cent   Hundred  

pour cent ('by the hundred'): per cent
centième (one hundredth): cent (centime), centesimal (centésimal)
centimètre (one hundredth of a meter): centimeter
centigrade (one hundred degrees): centigrade
centenaire (one hundred years): centenary, centennial ('a hundredth anniversary'), centenarian (a person 100 years old or more)  An: Year
centurie (a body of one hundred [men]): century (siècle)
centurion ('[captain] of a hundred'): centurion
centuple ('a hundredfold'): centuple

The French translation of 'centipede' ('one hundred feet'  Pied: Foot) is mille-pattes ('one thousand feet'  Mille: Thousand)

  In the metric system, the prefix centi- is used to indicate one hundredth and the prefix hecto- (Greek 'one hundred') to indicate one hundred times.

Es cien, cento (1), centimo (cent), centenario (centennial, centenary)
It cento (1), centesimo (cent) centennio (centennial), centenario (centenary)
Jp pâsento (percent)

Cent: Hundred
Dix: Ten
Un: One
Premier: First
Deux: Two
Trois: Three
Quatre: Four
Cinq: Five
Six: Six
Sept: Seven
Huit: Eight
Neuf: Nine
Mille: Thousand

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