Cuisine   Cooking  

These words related to fine (and not so fine) cuisine are French:
à la carte ('from the card [menu list]')
au jus ('with [its own] juice')
blanquette ('[veal with] white sauce')  Blanc: White
bon vivant ('well living')  Bon: Good,  Vie: Life
bouillon ('[clear soup made of] boiled meat')
bouillabaisse (boiled fish soup)
braised (braisé, '[cooked slowly] on live coals')
brochette ('skewer')
café ('coffee', coffeehouse)
canapé ('couch')
caramel ('reed', burnt sugar)
casserole (cooking pan)
chef ('head')  Chef: Head
compote ('mixed', crushed)
consommé ('perfect')  Supra-: Over
cordon bleu ('blue ribbon', first-class cook)
coulis ('flowing', thick sauce)
crêpe ('crisp')
croissant ('crescent-shaped')  Croître: to Grow
croquette ('crunched', 'bite')
crouton (toasted bread)
cuisine (cooking, kitchen), biscuit ('cooked twice')  Deux: Two
eau-de-vie ('life water')  Eau: Water
entrée ('entering course')  Entrer: to Go in
filet mignon ('delicate fillet')
flambé ('blazed')  Flamber: to Burn
foie gras ('fat liver')
fondue ('melted')
glacé ('iced', coated with sugar)  Glace: Ice
gourmand (one who likes to eat, glutton)
gourmet (wine taster, expert judge of good food and drink)
gratin ('well cooked dish that needs] to be scrapped', jet set)
haute cuisine (high class cooking)  Haut: High
hors d'oeuvre ('outside of main work')  Œuvre: Work
lard (bacon)
maître d'hôtel ('mansion master')  Grand: Big,  Hôte: Guest
margarine ('pearl')
menu ('detailed [list]')  Petit: Small
nougat ('nutty')
nouvelle cuisine ('new cooking')  Nouveau: New
petit four ('small oven')  Petit: Small,  Four: Oven
pièce de résistance (chief dish of a meal)
quiche ('cake')
raclette ('scraped')
ragoût ('tasty', stew)
roux ('reddish', browned sauce)  Rouge: Red
sauce ('salty [water]')
sauté ('jumped')  Sauter: to Jump
soufflé ('blowed', 'puffed up')
table d'hôte ('host table')  Hôte: Guest
timbale ('drum', '[drum-shaped] mold')
tournedos ('turn back', 'coward')  Dos: Back
velouté ('velvety')
vinaigrette ('vinegar sauce')  Aigre: Sour
vol-au-vent ('fly in the wind')  Voler: to Fly

These words are Italian:
al dente ('to the tooth')  Dent: Tooth
antipasto ('before the meal')  Repas: Meal
bocconcino ('mouthful')  Bouche: Mouth
cacciatore (hunter)  Chasser: to Hunt
capellini ('thin hair')  Cheveux: Hair
carbonara ('related to coal')  Charbon: Coal
focaccia ('fired', bread cooked under embers)  Feu: Fire
gelato ('frozen')  Geler: to Freeze
linguine ('little tongues')  Langue: Tongue
panettone ('big bread')  Pain: Bread

Cuisine: Cooking
Nourrir: to Feed
Aliment: Food
Manger: to Eat
Boire: to Drink
Mordre: to Bite
Repas: Meal
饿 Faim: Hunger
Chair: Flesh
Éteindre: to Quench
Pain: Bread
Lait: Milk
Œuf: Egg
Miel: Honey
Fumer: to Smoke

© Renaud Bouret