Habillement   Dress  

Many words related to clothing, dressmaking and elegance are plain French words:
appliqué (broderie, 'applied', 'laid')
bustier (for the bust)
chiffon (rag)
crepe (crêpe, 'crisp')
couturier ('sewing man', dress designer)
déshabillé ('undressed')  Habiller: to Clothe
doublure ('doubling', lining)  Deux: Two
elegance (élégance, 'tasteful choice')
guipure ('lacing')
haute couture ('high-class dressmaking')  Haut: High
jacquard ('[patterned fabric made with the loom invented by] Jacquard)
moiré (wavy pattern like that on silk)   Arabic 'mukhayyar' Italian 'mocajardo' English 'mohair' French 'moiré'
négligé ('neglected', careless, loose)
piqué ('pricked [cotton]')
serge ('silky', twilled worsted cotton fabric)
soigné ('with care')

Some words have a French origin:
denim ('[serge] de Nîmes', 'serge from the city of Nîmes')
jeans ('from the city of Gênes or Genoa')
lace ('knotted', lacet, dentelle)

Habillement: Dress
Vêtement: Clothes
穿 Habiller: to Clothe
Pantalon: Trousers
Chemise: Shirt
Manteau: Coat
Tissu: Cloth
Laine: Wool

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