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French was the language of justice in the English courts until the reign of Cromwell (XVIIth century). Roman law has also influenced the English legal vocabulary.
Le français est demeuré la langue des tribunaux anglais jusqu'au règne de Cromwell (XVIIe siècle). Le droit romain a aussi influencé le vocabulaire juridique anglais.

jour (day) adjournment  Jour: Day
avocat (lawyer) advocacy  Appeler: to Call
aliment (food) alimony  Aliment: Food
ami (friend) amicable  Aimer: to Love
appel (call) appeal  Appeler: to Call
attacher (to bind) attachment  Attacher: to Fasten
atteindre (to reach) attaint  Atteindre: to Reach
avouer (to confess) avowal  Appeler: to Call
barre (bar) barrister  Barre: Rail
bref (short) brief  Bref: Short
charge (load) charge  Charge: Load
cour (yard) court of justice  Cour: Yard
crieur (shouter) crier  Crier: to Shout
défaire (to undo) defeasance  Faire: to Do
domaine (estate) demesne  Domicile: House
démettre ('to send away') demise  Mettre: to Put
dicter (to tell what to do) dictum  Dire: to Say
donation (gift) donatory  Donner: to Give
douaire ('gift') dower  Donner: to Give
dureté (hardness) duress  Dur: Hard
empêcher (to hinder) to impeach  Pied: Foot
engrosser (to make bigger) to engross  Grand: Big
expirer (to die) expiry  Respirer: to Breathe
forfait ('trespassing') forfeiture  Faire: to Do
héritier (legatee) heir  Loi: Law
indiquer (to point at) indictment  Doigt: Finger
interdire (to forbid) interdiction  Dire: to Say
jurer (to swear) jury  Jurer: to Swear
libelle ('small book') libel  Livre: Book
maître (master) magistrate  Grand: Big
méfait ('bad deed') malfeasance  Mal: Bad
mandat ('order') mandat  Demander: to Ask
méprise ('ill taken', mistake): misprision  Prendre, to Take
moitié (half) moiety  Moitié: Half
mort (death) mortgage  Mort: Death
main (hand) mortmain  Main: Hand
donner (to give) pardon  Donner: to Give
peine (pain) penal  Peine: Sorrow
poursuivre (to chase) prosecution  Suivre: to Follow
punir (to punish) punishment  Peine: Sorrow
trépasser ('to go beyond') trespasser  Passer: to Go Through
témoin (witness) testimony  Témoin: Witness
vérité (truth) verdict  Dire: to Say
vendre (to sell) vendee  Vendre: to Sell

Justice: Justice
Juste: Right
Jurer: to Swear
Loi: Law
Coupable: Guilty
Témoin: Witness

© Renaud Bouret