Peinture   Painting  

Many words related to painting come from French and Italian.
De nombreux mots reliés à la peinture viennent du français et de l'italien.

These words are French:
art déco ('decorative art')
art nouveau ('new art')  Nouveau: New
beaux-arts ('fine arts')  Beau: Pretty
atelier (workshop)
avant-garde ('front line')  Avant: Before
bon à tirer ('good to pull', ready for printing)
collage ('gluing')
crayon ('made of chalk', pencil)
croquis (sketch)  Mordre: to Bite
frottage ('rubbing', 'polishing')
fusain (charcoal pencil)   fusain is the name of a Japanese tree.
gaufrage ('embossing')
genre ('kind', style)
incise ('cutting', carving)
lunette (small moon)  Lune: Moon
maquette ('model')
montage ('setting up')  Monter: to Climb
mural ('on a wall')  Mur: Wall
papier mâché ('chewed paper')
pochoir (stencil)
pointillism (pointillisme, '[painting with] small dots')  Pointu: Sharp
portrait (drawing of a person)  Tirer: to Draw
remarque ('comment', a marginal sketch)
repoussé ('pushed again', hammered from the reverse face)
salon ('big room', exhibition hall)
sanguine ('bloody')  Sang: Blood
tableau vivant ('living picture')  Vie: Life
tirage ('pulling', printing)  Tirer: to Draw
trompe l'œil ('trick the eye')  Œil: Eye

These words are Italian:
chiaroscuro ('light and dark')  Obscur: Dark
contrapposto ('in counter position')  Poser: to Set
fresco ('fresh')  Frais: Cool
gesso ('gypsum', chalk)
impasto ('with paste')
intaglio (engraving)  Tailler: to Cut
mezzotint (mezzotinto, 'half tint')  Moitié: Half
terra cotta ('cooked earth')  Terre: Earth

These Italian words reached English through French:
guazzo ('aqueous', watercolor mixed with gum) gouache  Eau: Water
paletta ('small shovel') palette
pastello ('roll', crayon) pastel

Sculpture and architecture also use some French and Italian words:
bas-relief (low relief)  Lever: to Raise
cornice (corniche, 'curve')
façade ('front view')  Voir: to See
frieze (frise, 'in Phrygian style')
jamb ('leg')  Jambe: Leg
nave (nef, 'ship')  Navire: Ship
portico (portique, 'passage')  Porte: Door
volute ('rolled')  Voûter: to Bend
quatrefoil (quatre-feuilles, 'four-leaf')  Quatre: Four
rosette ('small rose')  Rose: Pink
rotunda (rotonde, 'round')  Roue: Wheel

Musique: Music
Peinture: Painting
Chanter: to Sing
Dessiner: to Draw

© Renaud Bouret